Review of the onvo 28-Day Nutrition Program

Since my primary business is helping others find solutions for their weight loss/fitness goals, as a Team Beachbody Coach, I naturally have become fascinated with what makes our bodies motivated to move and healthy.

A dear friend of mine, British Brown, and I have always shared a passion for helping others reach into their greatest potential and get healthy the RIGHT way.  We could talk for hours about our shared obsession with fitness and food.  It fascinated us both!

I recall a few years ago when she shared she was going through this 28-day program through this “nutrition university” (as she dubbed it for me), called onvo.  Naturally I was curious what was involved in a 28-day nutrition program, as being dedicated to the health & fitness industry, as I was, I felt I was pretty well prepared on what foods I needed to consume, in order to perform and sustain my hard workouts.

Fast forward a year, I witness her continuing to evolve from this life-changing experience, that she takes it to the next level and becomes a certified Food & Health Coach.  I was completely inspired, as she’s shared so much of what she learned, with me, over the time she was initially introduced to the program, herself.

Towards the beginning of October, 2011, she tells me (with much excitement, mind you), that she and her Lead Coach, Sarah Adler, are going to kick off a pilot program in Seattle (onvo is based in Bellevue, WA) area.  My heart almost skipped a beat, as food has truly fascinated me over the years, and any opportunity that I can learn more about it to be a better version of myself, I’m all in.

But of course, I’m himmed and hawed over doing it, as it was my “birthday month”, we had a few events coming up and I wasn’t sure I could adhere to the programs commitments, 100%.  Basically, “blah blah blah”, I think is what British heard from me.

Perhaps I’ll just wait until after the New Year.  Plus, I didn’t think my husband would be up for it!

Her response to me, “Taryn, there is NEVER going to be a good time.  Sarah and I will guide you through these 28-days so you can be set up for success and go to these events without missing out or sacrificing your health and goals.”

Still himmed and hawed.  This mean NO WINE (for me) and NO COFFEE (for Tony) for 28-days.  Hmmm….

Ok, sign me up!  First check in and lecture was on the day before my birthday.  I was committed!

And the best part, my husband was on board 110%.  There is something to be said about having a partner to share the experience without, outside of our tight knit accountability group that Sarah and British brought together.

This was a challenge that I KNEW that I could do (thanks to the confidence boost from British), but more that I knew I wanted to do.  You see, so many people feel the “want” to change this or “want” to change that, but won’t really take the necessary measures to do it RIGHT…just find the short cuts.  Often it takes a commitment and a small group of accountability to get there.  It’s what I knew I WANTED and NEEDED!

Throughout the 28-day onvo program, Sarah and British taught me so much!  Not that what they are sharing was innovative or rocket-science, but it was so SIMPLISTIC that light bulbs went off, left, right and center.  I was enthralled.  I wanted to be a sponge.  FEED ME more knowledge.

What Did I Learn? 

I learned so much that it would take a VERY long blog post to share it all.  But what I learned about myself was more powerful than anything:

  • I learned I COULD commit to 28-days to change and introduce new eating habits.
  • I learned I wasn’t going to die, if I allowed myself to get hungry.
  • I learned I was in control of my own health and I could be equipped with a lifestyle of simple changes to assure that.
  • I learned that my body NEEDED the right foods.
  • I learned more about nutrition labels and the “hidden ingredients” that lurk on our grocery store shelves
  • I learned that I like to be in Whole Foods A LOT, as they tend to carry the freshest food I wanted to fuel my family with.
  • I learned my KIDS were recognizing what we were doing (remember, my husband committed to the 28-days with me too) and were supportive and receptive.
  • I learned how simple it can be to enjoy GOOD food and not starve yourself or feel deprived.
  • I learned I could live without coffee, as it wasn’t a crutch for me it was more of just a “routine”.
  • I learned how badly we are marketed what “healthy food” is.
I know now differently.

How were my results?

I would by lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for some more weight loss than I experienced, during the 28-day period, but I knew it wasn’t going to be drastic.  I had to be ok with that.  But in general, here’s how my body responded:
  • I shed 3 lbs of body weight
  • I lost over 3% Body Fat (19.1% down to 15.9%)
  • I lost 5 lbs of BODY FAT
  • I gained 2 lbs of LEAN MUSCLE MASS
  • I gained a lifetime of knowledge
  • I gained more clarity and a better relationship with food.


What’s next?

This will be a journey that I will take with me for the lifetime.  I learned things about myself (see above) that I didn’t think possible.  Remember, I said above, that I thought I ate pretty “clean”, which I did, but simple changes make a huge difference.

Since my beloved Shakeology was set aside during the 28-day program, I will be excited to introduce that back into my diet.  Being that it’s a whole food and the cleanest meal replacement shake out there, I can have comfort knowing I’m putting good nutrients back into my body.  As always, Shakeology won’t be my breakfast, lunch or dinner, but it will be an option as a meal, in my day, as my body requires it.  You follow?

This opportunity to learn about my body, what it’s capable of and the willingness to learn more about food, is a result of WHO I surround myself with.

I encourage you to ask yourself, are the people that you have in your life, making or breaking how you go about good (or bad) health?

I’ll always been that positive force for you, so continue to reach out!

Your partner in health & fitness,





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    Simply brilliant! They are just simple changes. Give your body the proper foods, so many health issues could be resolved from these simple changes. Great review

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