Tracking your calorie intake

I receive a number of emails and phone calls each day, inquiring about how one can really track their caloric intake vs. their calorie burn, each day.  Well I’ve been using a wonderful website, that just has to be shared.

It’s called  From what I’ve discovered, it is a wonderful tool in truly tracking what you are eating for each meal.  I tell you, I’ve been strict with logging in each meal for the last 2 weeks…and I’ve noticed a BIG difference in my results.  In a week alone, by tracking every little morsel I ate, I lost 3 lbs!  Believe that??!!  Even if I snuck a piece of chocolate (dark, of course) or one of my daughter’s favorite, yogurt covered pretzels, I was sure to log it in.  That made me think twice about reaching for another.

So, if you are like me, I tend to think that this “handful” of pretzels, or bite of this or that, is harmless.  Well, it can be, but it always has a way of adding up.  Before you know it, those little bites turn into what should really be your snack, meal or not included in your diet plan AT ALL! J As a result, you get down on yourself and wonder why that last 5lbs, 10lbs or even 3lbs won’t vacate your life!!

Give it a try, it’s free and it works!  Coupled with your current workout regime or favorite Beachbody program and nutrition plan, you’ll be amazed at how quickly tracking your caloric intake can make a difference.

I encourage and enjoy all the questions I get by way of my Beachbody Coaching website, this blog, Twitter or Facebook. So bring them on!! I’m here to help and empower as I can.

Cheers to YOUR health & fitness!


  1. This is wonderful advice that is often overlooked. Keeping track of your calories helps you to become accountable. Of course, the other part of the equation is to know how many cals you are supposed to eat.

  2. Fitness Food

    I do believe that it is important to track your caloric intake when dieting. Additionally, I always advise people to really track and think about what they are eating. The 100 calories in food X is not the same as the 100 calories in food Y. If you have a calorie budget of 2500 calories/day and you spend 800 calories on a latte or a bagel and cream cheese, you still have 1700 calories left your budget. But do you? I really do not think so because out of those 1700 calories almost all of them are empty calories unless you are eating a 100% whole wheat bagel.

    Spend your calories wisely and you will probably never have to track them as you will feel satisfied. Eat 100% whole grain foods. Eat non-processed organic foods when possible. Snack often on fresh fruits.

    Exercise, exercise, and exercise. I am not talking about going to the gym and pumping iron for exercise. I am talking about doing a Beach Body type of exercise.

    The weight will come off automatically. Look at the before and after pictures of Taryn. Can you look like that going to the gym and playing around on the exercise equipment? Maybe. But don’t bet on it.

  3. choose2befit says:

    Mark – this is so very true and I am thrilled that you made this comment. I think people so often focus on their caloric intake, and fail to realize that it’s the type of calories they ingest that are just as important as the actual amount of calories.

    Thank you for the great response. A Beachbody program is surely a fail proof way to get results…the gym, yeah, you might, but likely not as extreme and rapid as with a Beachbody program! :) Thanks for the plug.

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