Ultimate Reset Review: Week 1

So admittedly, this is my 2nd time through the Ultimate Reset, but I commited this time, that I would post a review, each week, of the 3 differet phases.  

Here we go with week 1 of my Ultimate Reset Review

As I explained in my The Ultimate Reset: Just Another Starvation Cleanse?, I talked about the breakdown and premise of the 21-day program, so I won't spend much time going into it here.  Instead, want to share my personal feelings and thoughts as I experienced it, this time through.

Now, I will come right out and say that I'm not the perfect poster child for the Reset, as A) I don't have heaps of weight to lose (thankfully) and B) I will and have, continued to workout during the program (it's advised to NOT workout or have minimal activity, to allow your body to fully commit to the program – clearly, I can't sit still).  If you do have weight to lose, this is an amazing journey to truly see that happen!  Read my blog with just small segment of the success stories! 

Ok, that's off my chest.  So week 1. 

This is probably one of the easier weeks of transitions, as you really are just focusing on clean nutrition and implementing the recommeded supplements (Oxygenize, Mineralize, Alkalinize and Optimize).  To be honest, trying to remember to take each supplement as recommended before the meals, might be my biggest challenge. 

The meals in the first week are excellent.  Pretty much in line with the general meal plans that we consume on a daily basis (eggs, whole wheat toast, steamed spinach, salmon, greens, veggies, quiona, brown rice, tempeh, etc)…but it's nice having structure.

For the typical participant that is following the recommended "light activity" – walking or yoga – the amount of food is PLENTY!  But, since I'm still doing my workouts and teaching Turbo Kick each week, I'm sticking with the plan, just adding an extra 100 calories or so, to each meal.  

I've had to of course give up my morning drip coffee and switch from my filtered water, to distilled water.  I have never been dependent on coffee, so I don't miss the caffeine, nor have the headaches, body aches and mood swings that many have experienced as these toxins are being released, but for me, it's more of the process, smell and routine of the coffee that I miss.  So, instead of having coffee brew in my coffee maker, I've turned it into my herbal tea maker for the day. It's a brilliant use for it! Try it! 

Now, we planned on doing the Ultimate Reset after our crazy summer had subsided and we were able to celebrate Tony's birthday.  To be honest, there is NEVER a good time to do it, as something will always come up – a party, BBQ or Mom's night out.  Whatever it is, there will always be another and you can STILL socialize, just plan ahead and bring your food.  So, if you are thinking of doing it, but waiting for this and for that….JUST DO IT!  You'll never regret it and it's quite the experience.  

Ok, so sharing a bit of the emotional and personal experience, aside from the ease of the food intake.  This has been a pretty challenging week, especially on the emotions.  Yes, the Ultimate Reset will initiate some serious "life reflections", so that was expected, but I was working through things with my Dad's health, kids school schedules, studying for the P90X certification, and just all else in between.  So as a result, Sunday came down to a crashing halt and I wanted to completely throw in the towel.  

What would that mean?  I go grab a pizza?  I eat 1/2 a cake? Down a bottle of wine?  All for what?  What would any of that do or how would it make me feel?  Crappy….no doubt!  But thankfully, I had my level headed husband that just hugged me as I sobbed and sobbed with the overwhelming emotion that came with this process of the Reset.  **Hint hint…if you do the Reset, embrace this emotion.  There is nothing wrong with working through past issues or the true state of current ones. 

Would I have had this emotional breakdown with my regular diet, who knows.  But maybe I allowed this to become more spiritual.  I spent the entire weekend on my own, as my family went to visit my Mom and Billie (her husband) in Spokane, given I was going to be tied up with the P90X Certification all weekend.  So I had a lot of time to think, reflect and also spend a bit of time with my Dad.  

My Dad's health isn't all the great, given he's had 2 strokes in the past 2 years and possibly a 3rd more recently, we think.  His health is deteriorating, despite he's only 65 yrs old.  It's saddens me greatly, as it is super emotional for him to acknowledge as well.  No offspring is ready to be the role of the "care-taker" to their parent, at ANY age, let alone in their 30's.  And I don't think any parent is prepared to have their offspring assume that role, ever!  

Needless to say, it's been an emotional rollercoaster of a week with my Dad, preparation for my certification, getting the kids where they need to be and trying to remember to take care of myself.  Not an ideal situation to enjoy the intention behind the Ulitmate Reset, but I don't live in that perfect world where everything can be in a state of Zen for 21-Days for me to enjoy it.  This is my life, and I wouldn't change it for the world.  So, I deal. 

I'll report back with my review of the Ultimate Reset: Week 2. 

Your partner in health & fitness,








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