Ultimate Reset Review: Week 2


Well, it’s been quite a week, and admittedly, likely bad timing to do the entire Ultimate Reset.  As you read in my Week 1 Ultimate Reset Review, I’ve got quite a bit going on, personally and professionally.  Not complaining. Not giving up.

So entering into Week 2 of the Ultimate Reset, I was down 4lbs (YAH!!), which I know is mostly water weight.  I feel leaner, lighter and more toned, coming into this week, as well as finishing off the week. 


Yes, there’s a BUT.  If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you saw that I was invited to be a part of Tony Horton’s (creator of P90X, of course), latest P90X workout tour.  If you don’t know, he tends to do several Military Base tours, as his way to give back to the Service Men and Women of our country.  It’s a pretty incredible program he’s come up with, and no doubt, the troops he visits are so appreciative. 

His latest tour, took us to Washington, D.C., where we were invited to workout with the Canadian Embassy (way cool and super meaningful to me, as I’m a CANADIAN!!), a public workout at the Yark Park (I got to meet one of my newer Coaches for the first time too) and lastly, a workout with the Staff/Military Personnel at the Pentagon (oh yeah – I actually got clearance to walk some of the 

most exclusive hallways in our great Nation). 

Wow….what an experience these last few days were.  Not only was I extremely honored and privileged to be selected to join as his Crew to do this tour and workout with these amazing Men and Women, but their returned gratitude and hospitality, was what really made this trip memorable. 

Tony, myself and the rest of the Crew had a blast taking in the sites of D.C., as I had never been, nor had Jeremy Yost, our other 

crew member. So much to take in, in such a short time.  But we did it.  Even managed to get in a few handstands and crane poses in front of the Washington Monument with a backdrop of the White House.  Pretty damn cool.


Ok, so back to the Ultimate Reset and my Week 2 experience.  Of course, when you travel with Tony Horton, there is NO opportunity to eat poorly without extreme guilt and a lecture from him, but also, you worked so hard (2-3 workouts a day, for this tour), why ruin it with a wasted meal that will only be filled with regret. 


Before I left for the Tour, I followed the Reset plan with my meals, supplements, hydration, all except, the workouts.  Yup, like I said in Week 1, I’m certainly not the poster child for the Ultimate Reset, as I was working out, and while on Tour, doing 2-3 workouts a day. 

So, how did I supplement the calorie exertion with my food intake? Well, I ate as clean as I could, took my supplements and stayed about 85% Vegan (these last 2 weeks – RECLAIM & RESTORE you wean off animal proteins and focus on fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and hydration). So yes, I did have 2 meals that contained animal protein – one was free range Chicken on my arugula salad and the other a Sea Bass with steamed vegetables.  Not so bad, right? Oh, but there was one more thing…this is the other 5%…haha.  When I travel, despite taking my supplements – Week 2 is the “Detox” phase – I wasn’t able to eat on the schedule I was used to, thus being a little “backed up” and bloated.  So, I had 2 small cups of coffee, to help move things along.  Worked like a charm.  However, TRUST, that 99% of the time, my drinks were water, Real Coconut Water (Taste of Nirvana – DELISH – got the whole crew hooked) and herbal Tea, so the coffee was a small blib.  OK! OK, I confess, so I snuck in ½ a serving of a Chocolate dessert that I split with Tony’s sister, Kit Caldicott. I didn’t lose sleep over it, nor should you! J Phew, got it off my chest.  At least I’m being honest and not hiding that.

Back to the coffee incident, no, I don’t rely on caffeine as a stimulant to get me going in the morning, but I do love my ritual of brewing the coffee and drinking it as a get the kids ready for school.  But, as we start a fresh week ahead, and I’m going full steam into Week 3, including my tea in lieu of coffee – although some may argue that I should redo Week 2, but personally, that doesn’t motivate me, and you gotta do what motivates you, right? 

I’m going to head into Week 3 with a solid plan of finishing off the Ultimate Reset with pride and success.  Will I make some modifications?  Yes, one can only stand so many breakfast meals of solely fruit.  But, I will follow the guidelines through the end and report back to you with my final results.


What do you think?  Should I have repeated Week 2 or keep charging, looking forward, into Week 3 of the Ultimate Reset?  

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