Vegan Tropical Shakeology Review

This is LOOOONG overdue, but I certainly wanted to get my review out of Beachbody’s newest Shakeology, the Vegan blend, Tropical Strawberry.


Now, as much as I love my Chocolate Shakeology, and will likely never give it up, you know what gets me excited about this new flavor and blend??

Finally a shake that supports a whole-food plant based diet AND it’s dairy free!

Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology is loaded with 15 grams of plant based protein from raw sprouted whole grain brown rice protein, and Sacha inchi (Plukenetia volubilis, seed). This is truly a unique blend of proprietary protein, which although there are other brands out there – Vega is one – they don’t compare to the integrity behind the formulation of this blend, that is now branded under the Beachbody Ultimate brand (pay special attention to this, more to come!).

So, are you surprised that I didn’t reference soy as one of the protein properties? That’s because not only is this vegan blend dairy free (no whey protein isolate), but it’s is soy free, too.  SHWING!!!

All well and good, but how does it taste? 

To me, I thought it was awesome!  I had it fairly simple for my first run at it, just adding 2 frozen strawberries, water & ice and I was pleasantly surprised!  It had a great balance of sweet and tartness, with a great opportunity to expand on it’s flavor. Check out all these awesome recipe options: Tropical Strawberry Shakeology Recipes. My favorite recipe BY FAR (see picture) is the Mojito.  Super easy, fresh and delightful!

What about the texture?

Yes, it’s a bit grainy, gritty or chalky like, whichever you may qualify it as, but oddly enough, I dug that about it!  I really enjoyed the different consistency, from the Chocolate & Greenberry.  It certainly didn’t give it a ‘dirty’ taste or feel to it, but just a different texture.  To know that I couldn’t possibly get these types of essential nutrients, without spending hours in the grocery store and the kitchen to prepare, I’m good with a different texture.

Superhuman, Superfoods

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology still has a lot of the superfoods found in the original Shakeology formulation such as Spirulina, Chlorella, and Barley grass. but, allow me to introduce you to some added greatness, that again, sets this shake on a whole new playing field, from other meal replacement shakes out there.  Some may say, they feel almost Superhuman, after immediate consumption.

New Superfoods Introduced in Tropical Strawberry Shakeology

  • Coconut Flower Nectar: Coconut flower nectar is naturally sweet and low on the glycemic index. It provides a good source of fiber, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  • Lou Han Guo Fruit: This is a low glycemic fruit that adds natural sweetness. In Asia, it’s used to support the immune and respiratory systems.
  • Himalayan Salt: Unprocessed Himalayan salt provides over 70 trace minerals. I was thrilled to learn this was in this vegan blend.
  • Konjac Root: Konjac Root provides soluble fiber that helps you feel full for longer. Ding ding!

So have I got your salavating a bit?  Good! Pick yourself up a sample and let’s get on with your healthy life!!

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