What Do your Kids Eat?


IMG_8068-0.PNGIf you follow me on my Facebook page or Instagram, you likely saw my post this morning about breakfast with my 1 year old. Go check out some of the comments, maybe you have your own too!

But it went a little something like this:

Even my 1 year old eats like I do (all 3 of them do, actually). Why? Because I want to establish healthy eating habits in her, right out of the gates. Will she be picky and not eat all the good food I give her in the future, you bet, but at least she will have the exposure and sees me (and the rest of my family) eat this way.


I used to be the Mom that made separate meals for my kids. It was easier. They didn’t fuss and always ate what I put in front of them.

But what was that teaching my kids?

Don’t you think if we have a goal to eat clean for weight loss, better sleep, increased productivity and happier moods, why we wouldn’t want that for our kids too? They need that more than we do!! Their little bodies crave proper nutrients. Those nutrients don’t come in a box, a bag or out of the microwave. #sorrynotsorry! Told you a bit controversial.

I know many will get upset with me or think I’m unrealistic, but it’s possible. Like I said, I made separate meals for my kids, because they weren’t begging for our delicious Salmon and asparagus. But then again, I didn’t try hard enough and wasn’t consistent.

Much like any successes in life, we have to stay consistent. Give them the chance to try an avocado or kale 6-15x’s. They may not love it at first, but they are learning! Did you love the healthy foods you ate at first? Likely not! I didn’t. I sure didn’t used to crave greens, lean proteins and old world grains (quinoa, brown rice, millet, etc). It happened over time and consistency. Pizza and pasta is so much more enjoyable. But did it make me feel good about myself? Did I feel drained and have little motivation?

Think about how our kids feel if that’s what meal we make for them, instead of the nutrient dense, colorful plate we have. Why do we feel we need to feed them Mac & Cheese or Chicken Nuggets every night, so they eat something. Because we fear they may starve? That’s likely NOT going to happen.

Kids get hungry and will eat. Think about it, this becomes their learned behavior! “If I boycott the [insert healthy food option] long enough, Mom will cave and I get Mac & Cheese or hot dogs!”#winning

Now I wouldn’t post this controversial topic if I hadn’t been there before. I learned and STILL AM LEARNING as I raise my 3 kids. It takes baby steps! It wasn’t an overnight overhaul! And I’m no better than you. I’m certainly not perfect, but I know it starts with us (the parents) to be an example for our kids.

My #1 goal is to teach them good habits that will help them excel in life. I want them to crave healthy food and make better decisions on their own (eventually – right now they need some gentle encouragement!). I want them to WANT to go to CrossFit Kids or Parkour because they know Mommy and Daddy are always active or because they have the energy to do it!

I want to see them excel in school, what parent doesn’t? And I’m not saying, if your kid doesn’t eat picture perfect, they aren’t going to excel at school. But if I know they went off to school with a solid, nutrient dense foods, and not sugary cereal or no breakfast at all, I know they will be better focused and ready to retain their education for the day. I want them to be proud of what they know and the decisions they make.

These kids amaze me on the daily, about what they retain, from what we share with them about health. They are sponges and ALWAYS watching and learning. Be their #1 role model!

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