When Carb’s are your friend!

I wanted to share this article as originally written by Mike French. It answers many burning questions relating to our carb intake, when to eat them and when to avoid them.

Controlling your carbohydrate intake from day to day make our workout efforts more effective and take into account what we will be doing each day.

Here is how we break down our carb intake during the week:

Monday ~ Resistance (Strength) Day ~ Higher Carb Day
Tuesday ~ Cardio (Endurance) Day ~ Lower Carb Day
Wednesday ~ Resistance (Strength) Day ~ Higher Carb Day
Thursday ~ Cardio (Endurance) Day ~ Lower Carb Day
Friday ~ Resistance (Strength) Day ~ Higher Carb Day
Saturday ~ Cardio (Endurance) Day ~ Lower Carb Day
Sunday ~ “Active rest” (Run) Day ~ Lower Carb Day

Ratios (carb/fat/protein) for specific days on an average 2000 calories (active male) and 1400 (active female):

Lower Carb: 35% (Protein) 30% (Carb) 35% (Fat)
Higher Carb: 30% (Protein) 40% (Carb) 30% (Fat)
(Fats are mostly HEALTHY fats aka Raw Almonds )

We eat more carbs on Strength days to account for the extra energy needs of the day. Strength training creates a much greater “Metabolic disturbance” than cardio training does. What does this mean? Your metabolism is effected (you continue to burn calories – see my MUSCLE BURNS FAT blog) for hours after an intense Strength training workout. After a cardio workout, you caloric burn stops when you stop your exercise.

What constitutes higher carbs? Here are some examples:

1.) Oatmeal with Breakfast
2.) Whole Wheat Toast with Breakfast
3.) Eating Starchy carbs (Rice, bread, pasta) with lunch

On Cardio training days the carbs are lower because of the reduced energy needs. Here are some examples:
1.) Low carbs with breakfast ~ Egg Whites and Veggie sausage is a good example.
2.) No Starchy carbs with dinner ~ Chicken Breast with a nice salad is a good example.

So, what does this Carb Manipulation do for us on a daily basis? It gives us extra fuel for the days we need it (Strength days). It limits the fuel on days we don’t need extra carbs (Cardio days). Also by changing the amount of carbs taken in on a daily basis, we are confusing our metabolisms. When you eat the same things on a daily basis, your body adapts to your program and eventually the results stop coming. Using this Carb Manipulation Plan you can keep your metabolism in a state of confusion, get stronger AND burn fat EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK!

Let me know if you have questions!

Article Originally posted by a fellow Beachbody Coach, Mike French.


  1. Evelyn Cook says:

    So – if I do my lifting in the morning, would I do high carbs the day before? Since I wouldn’t be eating the bulk of my meals until after the workout?

  2. choose2befit says:

    I don’t think you need to carb load or anything, but if you were to have a meal rich in complex carbs and protein, you’ll have great energy the next morning for your workout.


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