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If you are here, WELCOME, as you are either A) a P90X graduate, B) Fitness or Personal Trainer of sorts or C) a combo of A & B, and just love to continue to learn more about the science behind a program like, P90X.  

P90X® Certification provides a much deeper understanding of the science, nutrition, and history of P90X, and it gives you the tools you'll need to help your customers and clients achieve their unique fitness goals.

Being P90X®​ Certified will also deepen your fitness knowledge, strengthen your coaching skills, and could open doors to significant fitness and financial opportunities for years to come.

P90X Certification is a two-step process:


Step 1 – P90X Qualification

This is an online learning program designed to give you a more in-depth background and understanding of P90X, so you can talk about it with more knowledge and authority.

Remember, you must complete P90X Qualification at least 7 days prior to attending the P90X Certification Training Workshop.

Step 2 – P90X Certification Training Workshop

A two-day, hands-on, intensive training workshop taught by Beachbody® Master Instructors, designed to provide you with a solid foundation to train clients, as well as teach group fitness classes. Plus, the knowledge and credibility you gain will help you sell P90X much more effectively.*

Now, let's get you started.  Fill out the information below, so that we can get you information on a Training Workshop near you.  Also, are you a Team Beachbody Coach?  If not, did you know that Team Beachbody Coaches receive a discount on the Qualification and Certification program?  Yup, and we can get you that information too!  

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