A Message from Tony Horton

So last week, I had sent out an email to my Customers to ask them, "If you could sit down and share something with Tony Horton and how he's affected your results, what would you say to him?"  

Reason why I asked, is I was heading to meet up with him and 5 others to showcase P90X on QVC.  So I knew I'd have his ear to share some incredible stories, of how Power 90, P90X, 10-Minute Trainer or P90X2 may have changes their lives.  He LOVES to hear this stuff.  

We all know how P90X changed my life, as does he, but I wanted my customers to have the opportunity to share with him, how they've been impacted.  

I had NO CLUE the amount of response I would get, but boy o' boy, was it incredibe.  I got emails that were paragraphs long about how [insert program] has changed their life.  I was floored, moved and completed elated.  I couldn't wait to get to Philadelphia to share these stories with him.

Here's what a few of them had to say:

I have tried p90x two years ago. And failed. I was too out of shape then. This Jan. I was up to a new all time heavy weight of 284 lbs. tired lazy and sore all the time. I started with his 10 minute workout. It only took me two weeks of that before I decided to BRING IT. I am now on day 38 of p90x. I also have the energy to run two miles three times a week. I am down 29 lbs and two pant sizes. Thank you for my life back. I feel so good. I don't remember what it felt like before. I feel crabby and sluggish on my rest day. I never thought I would miss punishing my body like this. The worst/best part of the workout is Ab Ripper. On day one I could barely do 15 of each exercise. This morning. I did 25 of all (except the Mason Twist, I am up to 35) I am thankful I am going strong. I can't wait for my T Shirt.  I enjoy your workout.  Thanks again for helping me change my life.  ~ Larry S.


As an athlete all my life I can not thank him for setting up such a comprehensive program that GETS RESULTS!  I 

did cardio, weights and college vb for years and have never looked like this!  I did P90X and P90X2 back to back and lost 24 pounds, 21 inches and beat my pre-P90X 1/2 marathon time by 37 minutes last weekend!  37 minutes!! I feel amazing, I look amazing and I truly owe it all to P90X and my coach…if only I could think of her name;) I rocked my P90X shirt at my 1/2 and you know I'll be wearing my P90X2 shirt at my first full marathon in the fall! Thanks Tony!  Big sexy with it! <–my favorite line from P90X

~ Trina A.


I am starting week 9 of P90X today, and while I have not yet *seen* the results that I was hoping for (they are coming though!), I am definitely feeling  them.  As the mom of two (6 and 8) who is turning 40 in October (GASP!!), I remember very clearly looking at the Core Synergistics video on my first night and thinking "I will NEVER be able to do that"!  Specifically, it was watching Dreya do plank to chataranga during the "bonus round".  By that point in the workout, I was a fumbling, shaking mess, and when I attempted to go down into chataranga my arms just pretty much collapsed. 


Well, 8 weeks of P90X later and I am doing it (truth be told though, the back DOES still bow when I'm trying to push back up!  I'm working on it, Tony! ;-).  It is so awesome to see my body doing things that 8 weeks ago seemed impossible.  I ran two 1/2 marathons last year, but didn't feel the level of athleticism that I feel when I am doing P90X.  It's probably the thing I love the most about P90X – rediscovering my inner athlete that has been buried for much too long.  Like I said, I have a ways to go, but I am working on it and I'll get there.  Tony (and his workout buddies) keeps me inspired and motivated and I know I can reach my goals with P90X! ~ Erin B. 


If there is one thing that you could pass along, it would be ‘Thank you’.  I always close my emails to you by saying that because I appreciate your help.  But it would be nice if I could say Thank you to Tony for putting this workout together.  While I may not look like a Gold’s Gym poster, I have the confidence that comes from hard work and not having a belly pushing out my shirt. ~ Mat B. 


If I could say something quick to Tony it would (like so many others would say) THANKS!!! So many people get complacent, give up and believe that this is just how they look, and will for the rest of their lives. P90X gave me the motivation to do something about my physique, and after only 60 days I'm down 21lbs, buying smaller clothes and getting pumped up for my NEXT round of P90X where I get to bring it all over again!! ~ Ty S.


These stories are incredible…and they are just a FRACTION of what I received back.  

Ok, so once I shared these stories with Tony, he wanted to send a quick message back….here is his MESSAGE BACK:

Now, if that doesn't inspire you to push VARIETY, INSENSITY and CONSISTENCY…I don't know what will!

Do you have a story?  Please share it below in my COMMENTS section!  I'd love to hear it. 

Your partner in health & fitness,











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    I love it. One salad a day. 5 to 7 days a week for the rest of your life. I can concur with that. Once you start you can never stop. If you stop, your body will be so un happy. Nutrition rules to live by. Go get some!

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