Behind the Scenes at QVC – P90X2

I’ve had the great fortune to be among the P90X/P90X2 cast for the QVC showcases over the last year.  These are typically long days with up to 6 shows in a 2-day period, leaving sleep and muscles beyond the definition of fatigue.

That being said, it tends to create some of the most gut wrenching belly laughs and over the top goofy-antics.  After each trip out to QVC, I typically get a flood of emails with questions like, “what’s it like behind the scenes”, “how is Tony Horton off camera”, “does everyone get along” or “are you really working out the ENTIRE show”YES, that’s real sweat people!

So I thought I’d share a little sneak peak into what goes on behind the scenes while at QVC headquarters.

As many of you saw from all my Facebook posts and pictures, we just returned from a 7 show stint, in a 24 hour period.  It was grueling, but since Beachbody always does a stand up job of selecting a cast that compliment one another, here’s what our 48 hour trip entailed:

Day 1:

3:15am (PST): Wake up, shower and ready for flight

4:15am: Car pick up for Airport

6:10am: First leg of flight to Philadelphia by way of O’Hare

1:45pm (CST): Second leg of flight to Philly

4:30pm (EST): Arrive in Philly and it’s off to the airport

5:00pm – 10:00pm: Free time/Rest/Nap/Work

10:00pm – Meet in lobby to head to QVC studios for 1st show

12:00am (EST): First 1 hour airing of P90X2 showcase (full cast)

2:00am: Back at hotel for 3 hours of sleep


Day 2:

5:00am: Wake up, shower and prep for 2nd show – just 20 minute Hit.

7:00am: 20 min Hit of P90X2 (1st half of Cast only – myself included)

9:00am: 20 Min Hit of P90X2 (1st half of Cast only)

9:30am: Breakfast…FINALLY!!

12:00pm: 20 Min Hit of P90X2 (2nd half of cast)

12:30pm: Head to local gym for a workout of Shoulders & Arms w/ Tony and cast.

2:30pm: Back at QVC to rest, eat lunch and prep for LIVE show.

6:00pm: Live studio audience; 1-hour showcase (full cast, split 30 mins)

7:00pm: Meet n’ greet with audience

7:30pm: Rest and snack and lots of delirious conversation

9:00pm: 20 Min Hit of P90X2 (partial cast – myself included)

10:30pm: FINAL 20 Min Hit of P90X2 (partial cast – myself included)

11:00pm: Back to hotel for pre-ordered dinner and BED!

Day 3:

7:30am: Get ready to head home!

Nuts, isn’t it??

In between each of the shows and the 16 hour time period we were at QVC, we sure had a lot of fun and certainly learned a ton about one another, perhaps more so than one would desire – LOL.

We were beyond delirious as we entered into the later afternoon and evening show times.  We would find ourselves laughing at an iPhone app that would repeat back to you in a cat voice (Talking Tom Cat app), whatever you say.  I had tears running down my face with laughter.  I come home to do it and show my kids, not as many tears of laughter, but still entertaining.

Then we turned to Facebook to get some good laughs….were the posts funny?  Probably not, but when working on 6 hours of sleep in a 48 hour period, EVERYTHING was funny.

For the ladies, we probably had to reapply our makeup between each show, as we all came to the same decision that it was too much effort to wash and re-wash after each show.  That being said, LOTS of deodorant and toothpaste!  Haha.

I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to be apart of this experience.  I feel blessed to be able to share my story of my P90X transformation and how it changed my frumpy Mommy figure into a fit n’ lean Mommy, and to be able to share that with viewers, is truly an honor.  Not to mention, Tony and each of the hosts had amazing rapport with one another.  They could be successful selling brown paper bags if they had to!  P90X2 certainly came easy to get excited about for Tony, as he genuinely has a passion for functional fitness changing the lives of America!

We are always looking for success stories with P90X, P90X2 or any of the Beachbody related products.  If you have one, please share it below!





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