Insanity Asylum: 30 Day Fit Test Results

Well, I can officially say I’m an Insanity The Asylum GRADUATE!!  I’ll let you in on a little secret….it was a hair past 30 days to complete the program, as I went on a trip with a 5 year old and my Mother across the country, then got sick, as a result, so had to take about a week off.  NOTE TO SELF: always listen to your body!!

Back to being a Insanity The Asylum graduate! Here are my results from Day 1 (First Athletic Performance Assessment) and the 2nd and final one, that fell on Day 40.

Fit Test Day 1 Day 30 (ok, more like 40)
Agility Heisman: 6 15
In & Out Ab Progression: 44 55
Lat Push Ups: 18 27
Mt. Climber Switch Kicks: 67 103
Shoulder Taps Agility: 4.5 5.5
X Jumps: 30 36
Moving Push Ups: 4 3.5
Agility Shuffle: 15 17.5
Bear Crawls: 9 11


I won’t lie…definitely felt like I wanted to puke during and afterwards….but the crazy in me, kind of likes that!  I know…call me sick!  But it’s a good indication, to me, of how hard I pushed myself.  Clearly I PUSHED, as my numbers increased on most all, except couldn’t muster out more on the Moving Push Ups.  But, details, right?

There you have it.  Be sure to check out what the Insanity The Asylum: Athletic Performance Assessment is all about in my previous vlog.

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  1. great job!  the increase on the switch kicks is nuts!!  and i totally agree – nausea equals pushing hard.  as long as nothing comes up and it goes away i’m cool with it.  :)  

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