Malika Duke Interview’s me on Shakeology®, Eating & P90X® Results and Recovery

I was honored when Malika had asked to interview me on Shakeology® and my thoughts and experience with the product.  I had sent her a sample of each the Greenberry and Chocolate flavor, and as anyone should, she wanted to do her homework to find out the true health benefits from this renowned product.

Naturally, we progressed into talking about eating, when and what to eat and how the P90X® Results & Recovery Formula could do a body good, especially as a compliment to the P90X® workout.  In Malika’s case, she’s doing the Doubles version – definitely NEED that P90X® Results and Recovery Drink!!

Check out our 2 part interview (only because we got cut off mid-way).

Shakegology Q & A – Part 1

Shakegology Q & A – Part 2

Hope you enjoy and if you’d like to try your very own sample of either Greenberry or Chocolate Shakeology® or the P90X Results & Recovery Formula, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.

To your health & fitness!


  1. Pretty cool interview! Keep up the good work with your fitness goals.

  2. choose2befit says:

    Thanks Shaun! Always great fun to be interviewed on something you truly LOVE! Keep up your great work!

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