Sheryl Crow – Another P90X Fan

We all read in our favorite People Magazine how Poppy Montgomery was able to shed all her baby weight by doing P90X. Now Sheryl Crow has endorsed it as she raved about it on the red carpet at the Grammy’s.
It’s not just a trend, it’s a proven total body program that will guarantee results. Ask me how!


  1. Basic wellbeing and fitness is now an escalating priority for folks across the world. As medical science continues to point towards the indisputable advantages of normal physical exercise, most of us have begun instituting every day routines intended to create us really feel healthier and assist us to reside longer.


  1. […] great results with P90X.  Best part is, they aren’t getting paid to endorse it.  Same with Sheryl Crow and her announcement of P90X and how it’s changed her figure. This entry was written by […]

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