What is a Probiotic?

This time of year is notorious for wide spread cold and flu, not to mention the craze of H1N1, aka Swine Flu.  My family has taken extra precautions, like many have, to ward off or limit the time we are struck with a flu virus or bought of the cold.

With a great many thanks to my sister-in-law for the endless amounts of research she does for our family, I wanted to share about the importance of Probiotics and a supplement that is paramount in warding off the flu virus, be it H1N1 or the 65 other strains out there.

So many of us have no clue what a Probiotic is, because I sure didn’t.  That’s until my sister-in-law introduced us to a product by Mt. Capra called CAPROBIOTIC™.  Since I am such a fan and have experienced great health in their care, I will be pimping their product throughout this article (just a friendly heads up).  J  Although, that’s not to say any other probiotic supplement out on the market isn’t worthy, as they very well may be.  Just do your research and be sure it’s high-quality and by a reputable company.

That being said, here is some information that can quickly bring you up to speed, so you too, can recognize its importance and incorporate it into the daily vitamin routine in your household.  Trust me; if you can avoid or limit the time your child or relative is predisposed with a virus or illness, this is worth it!


Probiotics are health enhancing bacteria that when introduced successfully into the intestinal tract, replenishes the intestinal microflora helping the body to digest and absorb food as well as fight off many different illnesses and disease. There are more than 400 different kinds of bacteria living in our gastro-intestinal tract. The human gastro-intestinal tract is supposed to contain 85% good bacteria and 15% bad bacteria. Unfortunately most of us in the western world have the opposite ratio.

Good Bacteria


CAPROBIOTICS™ is a natural therapeutic whole food probiotic blend of five strains of health enhancing bacteria cultured in fresh goat’s milk. These microorganisms remain viable in the stomach in route to the intestinal tract, to optimize digestion and the immune system.


The human body is designed to serve as home to billions of good bacteria. These tiny friends work hard, helping our immune systems ward off viruses, bad bacteria and fungi. They also play a role in creating B Vitamins and certain enzymes. In order to do this probiotic populations must be high, and the strains of microorganism viable and of good quality. CAPROBIOTICS™ contains over 1 billion health enhancing bacteria with each serving that have been specially cultured to survive stomach acids and the digestive process. CAPROBIOTICS™ form colonies in the intestinal tract where they aid the body to absorb nutrients and establish proper pH. CAPROBIOTICS™ implant in most colonic environments but thrive in acidic conditions.

WHY SHOULD WE USE CAPROBIOTICS™? (Or any Probiotic, for that matter)

Chronic and degenerative diseases, many of which haven’t been heard of before are increasing at alarming rates. Diseases such as Crohns colitis, gastritis, diverticulitis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome are quickly becoming common names to us. Our modern lifestyle, consisting of over-processed and refined foods, chemical additives, lack of beneficial bacteria in our foods, chemical farming & chlorinated water, pesticides & herbicides and overall poor diet habits are responsible for eliminating much of the beneficial bacteria in our bodies.

The CAPROBIOTICS™ formula places the organisms in a nutrient rich bed of fresh goat’s milk. Goat’s milk is the most widely consumed milk in the world and possesses numerous health benefits. The Journal of American Medicine says, “Goats milk is the most complete food known.  It contains vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, enzymes, protein, and fatty acids utilized by our bodies with ease”. When we take the CAPROBIOTICS™ formula, we receive the benefits of nutrient rich goat’s milk.

Here is some additional detail on various strains of Probiotics, as it can be found on many shelves of our more wholesome and natural supermarkets (Seattle local retailers include: Whole Foods, Ballard Market, PCC, Thriftway, etc.)

● Lactobacillus Acidophilus: The most well known lactic acid bacteria. It is a necessary inhabitant of the intestinal tract. The beneficial properties of L. acidophilus are: production of enzymes such as Protease (1000digest proteins), Lipase (1000Digest Fats) and Lactase (1000digest lactose). Produces B Vitamins, Production of the natural antibiotic Acidophilin and inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

● Lactobacillus Casei: The most potent of all lactobacillus strains. A natural producer of lactic acid that aids in the digestion of a wide range of carbohydrates and other nutrients.

● Bifidobactirum Longum: A potent cleanser of the body and strengthener of the immune system. May help reduce cholesterol levels.

● Lactobacillus Bulgaricus: A natural producer of lactic acid and has strong natural antibiotic properties. Strong immune system enhancer.

● Streptococcus Thermophilus: Often used in yogurt and Kefir. Possesses anti-carcinogenic and anti-tumor properties. Helps the digestion of milk sugar. Possesses natural antibiotic properties.

Here are some quotes from supporting physicians on why they feel that a probiotic is essential in ones diet:

“The majority of our population could use probiotics. Proper digestion is far more important than most people realize.” – Dr. Victoria Hamman, Natural Healing Center, San Francisco, CA

“I have personally used CAPROBIOTICS™ and it has helped what has historically been a not so good bowel and it has become manageable. I’ll be using CAPROBIOTICS™  and stocking it on my shelf along with other goat milk products that enhance digestion. I think both of these products are better than sliced bread.” – Dr. Donald Bodeen DC, Poughkeepsie, NY

“I recommend probiotics to the majority of my patients. Today digestive problems tend to be the rule rather than the exception for both children and adults. –  Dr. Tod Thoring, Westside Natural Healing, Los Angeles, CA

For more information on prebiotics or the CAPROBIOTIC™, visit: www.therawfoodworld.com to view more on this product and their other line of wholesome supplements.  As with anything, always consult your doctor before immediately taking this, or any supplement, especially as it relates to giving to your children.

In my opinion, and the opinion of many other health care practioners, whether with modern medicine, alternative and/or holistic approaches, feel the very best way for you to take control of your gastro-intestinal health is by introducing billions of tiny good bacteria into your digestive system through the use of high quality probiotics.  Do you research and take control of your health and it’s future.

To your health!

Source of above information:

The Raw Food World



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