5-Day Clean Eating Group

Tweet Who doesn’t love a routine? I mean, Summer has been great, and maybe the reins have been somewhat loosened with BBQ’s, parties, vacations, etc., so I always look forward to Fall to do a little personal Nutrition refresh! Are you ready for one? If so, are you in luck! I’m going to be offering […]

The 80/20 Rule

Tweet Eat 80% Clean, 100% of the time! I’m such a huge fan of this rule in my life and those that I Coach and train to get themselves healthy – The 80/20 rule! This approach is an excellent way to go about your program and will not only help you see optimal success, but […]

Clean Eats: Healthy Happy GUILT FREE Brownies

Tweet Who doesn’t love chocolate and/or fudge as a little dessert treat?  Especially when you know they are heart healthy and have a secret ingredient that packs more protein and fiber, than traditional brownies ladened with milk, sugar and traditional fudge. So what’s the secret ingredient?  Black beans, of course! You might be scratching your […]