Eat For Your Physique!

We are all looking for short cuts or “quick references” on the foods we SHOULD eat and the ones we should STAY AWAY from, right?

Well, here’s a great quick reference, dubbed Michi’s Ladder, on what foods will aid in weight loss (Tiers 1 & 2) and which ones will work against it (Tiers 4 & 5).

Michi's Ladder Tier 1Michi's Ladder Tier 2 & 3

Michi's Ladder Tier 4 & 5

Of course, having a diet rich in whole foods, meaning those that aren’t processed, laden with MSG and other “non-foods”, the better off your body will be.   So reach for the foods that are on the outer skirts of your favorite grocery store.  The ones that are in the center aisles, are generally loaded with fillers and MSG to maintain their shelf life, hence why they are on the SHELF!!  Right??

If in doubt, GO RAW!  Eating raw, whole foods will re-energize and get your metabolism back in check and to be a more efficient fat burning machine.  Check out renowned author and respected fitness trainer, Alissa Cohen, and her articles on how LIVE FOODS are where it’s at!

Go back to the basics and fuel your body with what we were intended to eat – colorful fruits & vegetables, lean proteins, complex carbohydrates (great sources CAN be found in the produce section – think sweet potato, squash, etc).  Trust me, your body and health, will THANK YOU!

Your partner in health & fitness.

* Please note – I am not a nutritionist or registered Dietician, so the information posted above is just MY recommendation based on what has worked for ME to get back into better health.  I have more energy and a faster metabolism, that allows me to perform and sustain better at my workouts.  In regards to Michi’s Ladder above, this is a quick reference as recommended by the Team Beachbody nutritional specialists/staff.  To access your own meal plans and recipes, active a Club Membership (and save 10% on your favorite at home workouts and/or Shakeology).  Everybody needs to start somewhere, and hopefully these suggestions will open the doors to YOUR health’s future.

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