Insanity The Asylum Preview: Athletic Performance Assessment

I was so excited that my Insanity Asylum arrived – and what beautiful packaging, at that, but I was torn if I should start it with the borage of other Team Beachbody friends, or wait out my husband’s Achilles injury Asylum packageand hope he can pick Insanity back up with me.

So, with little to no improvement and the copious amounts of Insanity Asylum reviews being posted, photographed, video taped, etc., I was feeling left out.

Took the plunge, asked my  hubby to film my doing the Insanity Asylum Athletic Performance Assessment (aka Fit Test), to not only assure my form was on point, but to document this BEAST of a workout.  And this was just the Fit Test!  Holy heck…hang on.

Last week I shared what this freakish 30-day program was all about (click here to read Insanity: The Asylum is Here!), but to now have it in my hands and taunting me to no end…that’s a whole new animal!

So, I previewed the Athletic Performance Assessment the day prior, so I was mentally prepared, so I thought.  The day of, a whole new story.  With a 3 year old up, before he usually is in the morning, and trying to work through that perfect camera angle, I was already frustrated (sorry hun!).

Now, add the agility ladder and rapid rounds of rotations (1 minute per move), one is guaranteed to be defeated.

But I stuck it through and here’s how it went:

Oh, but WARNING – you may throw up in your mouth!

Insanity Asylum–FIT TEST


I say I faired pretty well…although this is just the beginning!   Stay tuned as I embark on the next 30 days of this BEAST of a challenge!  Insanity Asylum…where’s my straight jacket?


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  1. james jablonski says:

    think i might be ready for this in another month maybe ?

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