My Interview with NYC Personal Trainer – Natasha Linton


I’ve had the great fortune of “tweeting” with New York based, personal trainer, Natasha Linton, after meeting on Twitter.  We both share a similar passion for fitness and healthy living, so naturally, I wanted to get her perspective on what drives her to do what she does, so well, and how this great passion has changed the lives of many she works with.

1. What inspired you to get involved in the fitness industry?

It was actually another personal trainer who inspired me to get involved in fitness.  Back in high school I was very active as a member of sports teams. Once I was in college I joined a gym to keep fit and active. A trainer there caught my eye. I liked what he did for others. It was cool watching him get people in shape, and watching their transformations. I wanted to help others shape up and get healthy as he did. I then researched and received my fitness certifications and then began to train at nights after my day job. At first I trained friends, friends of friends/spouses of friends/co workers etc.

2. What is your response and/or solution with client’s that want results, but can’t afford your time?

I offer packages such as online training packages which are more affordable for clients in this situation. And they get the same results as my one on one clients.

2. a. Same question above, but for those that don’t have a lot of time to spend working on their fitness?

I also offer 30 minute packages. Same results as hour long sessions, but of course clients are huffing and puffing more at the end of the shorter session. Busy clients like this.

3. What is the greatest reward in your profession?

Results! I feel rewarded when my clients say they no longer need medication for whatever ailment they were suffering from, when they tell me they are happy to be back down to their pre-pregnancy weight, and when clients say friends can’t stop complimenting their new body.

4. What would you say is your biggest struggle as fitness professional?

I would say my biggest struggle is having to get clients to understand not to come to me expecting a miracle without any work on their part. Some folks want the trainer to do all of the work, and if they don’t see results, they blame the trainer. Well, I make them understand that if they eat they way they eat, or don’t workout as suppose to when not with me, then they will continue to look the way they look. You as the client have to contribute to this partnership too.

 5. With such a large movement in the online social medias (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blogs, etc), how has it challenged you to redirect or apply your expertise?

Not much of a challenge at all. I’ve offered online training for a while now where I communicate and make announcements via web to clients and potential clients. So I’ve been on the web for a while. I enjoy tweeting, facebooking, myspacing, and blogging.

6. Lastly, if you were to give one last piece of advice to others needing that “nudge” to change their lifestyle, what would it be?

I’d say, sit and think what motivates you? Do you want to feel as great as you did back when you were a high school athlete? Do you want to make your husband start looking at you again? Do you want to walk up and down the subway stairs without getting out of breath?

Thank you Natasha for sharing your passion and empowering words with me.  It’s been a true delight to connect with you.  Keep doing what you do!

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