P90X & Insanity Hybrid

As a P90X and Insanity grad, my husband and I were looking for an extra challenge.  Lucky for us, we have an incredible library of Beachbody programs to work with.

Since we both saw great results with both P90X and Insanity, we wanted to marry the two and decided to commit to a 90 Day hybrid of them both.  That 90 days has come and gone and we were both thrilled with the outcome.

I am down about 5% in body fat and my husband lost close to 25lbs, in the 90 day period!  Pretty sweet.

So what did the P90X & Insanity Hybrid look like?  Here is what our general calendar consisted of:

P90X Insanity Hybrid.xlsx

As a 6x grad of P90X, variety is one of the most important aspects of fitness. As that continues to follow the famed path of MUSCLE CONFUSION.  What I’ve come to learn, is that no matter how complex or challenging your respective workout program is, if you don’t switch it up, your body will stop responding to it. And that’s what led me to P90X in the first place, as I was running circles at the gym and seeing ZERO results.  WTF??

Fortunately for us, having the library that we do, we’ve got the great opportunity of combining various trainers’ fitness workout programs.  Thus, creating an intricate web of muscle-confusing possibilities and make it virtually impossible for your training program to go stale.

So what’s next?  I’m thinking a ChaLEAN Extreme & Insanity Hybrid, until Insanity Asylum comes out!  Oh, and to make you jealous, mine gets shipped NEXT WEEK!!  WOOOHOO.  Want your own copy?  Send me a message!

If you have a similar library of workout programs and need a little guidance on how to create your OWN hybrid, hit me up!  Happy to offer some suggestions.

Your partner in health & fitness.

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