Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse – Daily Journal

So I’ve done the 3-Day cleanse once before, although didn’t track my daily feelings and experience, so 2nd time around, I decided it was necessary to share it.

Here’s my journal in detailing my 2nd experience with the 3-Day Shakeology cleanse.  If you haven’t already, check out my post on The Science Behind the Shakeology Cleanse.  Please do your research, don’t go in blindly looking for a quick fix.

Here is the general menu that I followed, as previously mentioned in an earlier blog post.

Day 1:

Although the day started out a little rough, not due to the cleanse, but more of my  kids waking up on the wrong side of the bed, the day quickly changed for the better as we got through the day.  The cleanse has so far treated me well!  Although I’ve done the cleanse before, I still am surprised at the energy and lack of bloat I felt, just after the end of Day 1.  Wonderful feeling.

I decided to switch the schedule around a tad, as I teach 2 group fitness classes on Tuesday’s, not to mention had my own workout in the AM.  So instead of having the salad for dinner, I elected to have it for lunch, store my veggie and lean (white) protein spinach salad as energy and fuel to get through my classes, and end my day with a tasty Greenberry Shakeology.  It was a wonderful way to cap off the evening, coupled with some Yogi Peach Detox tea.

Time to head to bed, gear up for tomorrow’s P90X workout – Shoulders/Arms & Ab Ripper X.  I know a good night’s rest is in the cards, and as I recall from last cleanse, I slept like a baby each night.

I’m thrilled I can experience this journey with my fellow cleansing friends – Beverly, Donna, Jayn, Tim, Jessica and all others that are doing it well.  Great encouragement to get by.  I mean, it’s only 3 days, right??

Good night.

Day 2:

Well day started off on the right foot with a great workout – P90X Shoulders/Arms & Ab Ripper X.  This week I’m focusing on lifting heavy and I was amazed at the strength I had being on this cleanse.  Noticing some major definition – but ladies, its LEAN definition.  No bulk here.

My energy was up the entire day and I didn’t feel hungry with how I spaced out my shakes and salad.  I was nervous on  how I was going to work around  my day in my daughter’s Co-Op classroom, but I came prepared and make up my shake before I left and stored it in the fridge to enjoy during their snack time.  While all the kids and parents enjoyed a great spread of veggies, fruit, Ting-Tings and a homemade gluten free snack bar, I sipped away, guilt and regret free.  Not to mention, I shared my experience with a few of the Mom’s.

In talking with my friends that are joining me on the cleanse, they have already experienced great results – losing from 2.5 to 6 lbs in just 2 days.  I haven’t stepped on the scale, as I have a superstition to wait until the final day, so I can really enjoy the full results.

So, ending the day with a great attitude, fun filled with the kids and great energy.  Looking forward to tomorrow and what the day begins.  I know it will start off great, as Yoga X is on the docket.

Good night.

Day 3:

Final day.  I’m feeling awesome, really.  I have tons of energy.  Less bloat, less desire for the bad stuff and overall clarity.  I’ll take that.  Today’s workout was Yoga X and it felt wonderful.  I felt more fluidity in my poses and strength in holding form longer.  The cleanse or just gaining strength?  Hmm…jury’s out. Regardless, I was stoked.

Again, I opted to have my salad for lunch, instead of dinner.  I found that gave me that mid-day boost to fire through the rest of the day, and allowed me to unwind from the day with my final Shakeology after I got home from my Thursday evening class I teach.

There you have it.  3-Day cleanse came and went.  I plan to do this once a month or every other month.  This feeling of clarity is addicting!!

Drum roll…………………………………

FINAL RESULTS – 5 lbs down and an inch of my waistline.  Now, I’m not saying that my overall goal was to drop weight (that came as a bonus), but more of clean out the “gunk” that gets built up.  Mission accomplished.

Now, onto my maintenance program of continuing with my Primal (Blueprint) lifestyle and having 1 Shakeology a day.

If you are interested in hearing more about Shakeology, check it out here:  There is a new tab called “The Doctors”.  See what they are saying about the product.  If you want to try the cleanse yourself, you can order from my website as well – but let me suggest that you get it ordered via Home Direct (HD) and get FREE shipping and other free loot.  Well worth it!

Your partner in health & fitness!


  1. Jayn Roush says:

    So glad you took the time to write this down. I think I will do a journal of my cleanse the next time I do it. Did I mention how free I felt? I expected to feel lighter and more energetic, but breaking the routine of habits I didn’t even know I had has been very liberating. I am still building on the momentum, a week and a half later. I do not plan to slip back.

    Thanks for the post and the leadership as always, Taryn!

    Love, Jayn

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