Summer Strong: 3 Day Refresh


 Alright, time for a little Mommy reboot.

If you are anything like me, kids, work and life can get the better of you, at times. We can do our best to plan out our meals, program and schedule our workouts and keep our eye on the ultimate physical goals we may have.

But reality is, life happens and sometimes, our bodies just hit a stall.

Even if we are on point with our diet and exercise, sometimes our metabolisms get a little comfortable with that, and changes take longer than they did when we started out.

That’s NORMAL….but totally ANNOYING, right?

You feeling this frustration too?

Finding you need a little metabolism kick in the a$$?

Well, so do I! Now, being that I’m just 6 months postpartum, this is my 2nd time doing it, and if you know a thing or two about hormones, you know how frustrating it can be to see results.

Now, I’m not looking for a miracle, but also am human and like to see the smallest of shifts, to celebrate a win.

This goes without saying, being that I’m nursing, this has to be something that’s safe, right?

I did it a few months back (at 7 weeks postpartum, to be exact) and was amazed at what I saw, visually.  Not to mention, internally. I made some tweaks last time, which I will do again, and happy to share those, if you are breastfeeding as well.


Here’s a few things that I noticed, during the 3 days:

  • better and more sound sleep (especially come Day 2 & 3)
  • elimination of bloat
  • re-energized physically and mentally (I think because I was seeing physical change)
  • no change in my milk supply (that’s a good thing, as it’s been pretty good).

So, now 6 months postpartum, I’m finding I want a little kick start, so I can finish up my current program (22 Minute Hard Corps), feeling I got the best results I could possibly put in.

And NO, I don’t think this is cheating. I think our bodies settled, and although I’ve maintained a solid 80/20 nutrition regime, I still think we can settle. And NO, I’m not about to be 100% rigid, as I want to enjoy life and keep sane (remember, I do have 4 kids!).

That being said, I’m taking small group through another round of the 3 Day Refresh. We start May 23rd

Here’s what you can expect:

* It will flush, detoxify and cleanse your body
* It will support and place your metabolism back into fat burning mode, with more vital nutrients from easy to prepare meals.
* Protein rich, so will help curb hunger cravings and restore or create a healthier relationship with food.
* Eliminates waste and detoxes the digestive system
* Natural weight loss occurs – some see 3-8+ lbs in 3 Days (mostly water weight – TRANSPARENCY!!)
* It is NOT a juice cleanse, therefore NOT nutrient depriving.
* 3 days to clean things up and out
* sharing meal prep, tips, advice, the good/the bad with the experience
* you still hit your workouts, we are just pairing down on our nutrition.

There is a huge motivation when friends do it together, so I need some extra accountability buddies. Who’s with me?

Need some motivation? Check out these amazing TRANSFORMATION PHOTOS of real people, doing the work to get results!

First group starts May 23rd, and will take another group through after Memorial Weekend (start May 31st), which allows you time to get your orders in!

Message me ASAP: or you can CLICK HERE To get yours ordered and it’s off to the races.

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