Team Beachbody Coach Summit 2012: Wrap Up

Wow, if I could possibly put into words what the 4-days in Las Vegas, NV, were like with 5,500 or so other Coaches for our 5th Annual Team Beachbody Coach Summit, it would be next to impossible. 

There was so many incredible stories of transformations shared (both physical and financial), that it was rare to find a dry eye in the house.  I'm talking about people sharing their stories of 250+ lbs of weight loss with the variety of Beachbody workout programs and nutritional products and stories of complete financial disarray to financial freedom.  Oh yeah, with the weight loss stories, it wasn't just one person that lost that amount of weight, but 2 gentlemen, and I had an opportunity to workout with them n one of Tony Horton's group workout sessions.  

I mean, if that's not inspiring, I don't know what is!  

Over the 4-day Summit, it was jammed packed with incredible trainings, product reveals, promotions, meeting fellow Coaches and one GIANT Super Workout with every celebrity trainer in the Beachbody workout library.  This Super Workout was CA-RAZY!!!  The best time of my life…well worth the 4 hours of sleep I got the night before! 

I could go on and on about how amazing this 4-day Summit was, but I'll get to the nitty gritty about what was unveiled over the weekend – that can only benefit our greater purpose, our mission – HELPING PEOPLE ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS AND ENJOY A HEALTHY, FULFILLING LIFE. 

So, here's the scoop:





  • Body Beast: Everyone is asking out the NEW Beachbody workout…it is HERE
  • Derm Exclusive – Team Beachbody's exclusive new skin care line is available now.  Developed by the popular Nationaly syndicated television show, The Doctor's, Dr. Drew Ordon.
  • Asylum – New Infomercial coming out!
  • Asylum Volume 2 – (Holy craziness – we got a sample of the new workout! WATCH OUT!!) Pre-orders coming out in the Fall.
  • Les Mills Combat – coming out December 2012.  **Here's a fun fact: Over 60,000 people workout to PUMP every week, 1,000 gyms do Les Mills BodyPump and Combat, in the USA! And now, it's available in our homes!  WOOP!
  • Cordastra – Do you need more Energy, Endurance, Stamina, and a Healthy Immune System booster? Check out the new this new Chinese herbal!
  • Going through Infomercial Withdrawal? We have 22 shows and ads in development! Food for the late night soul!
  • Challenge Groups: They are working, results are happening and they are going to be better than ever! They just need YOU. 
  • New Chocolate Vegan Shakeology – Available Wednesday!!! I got a chance to sample it and it's AH-MAZING!  Nice and chocolately (more of a dark Chocoloate appeal, due to the cacao) and not as gritty as the Tropical Strawberry.  So excited for this….goes great in the Ultimate Reset too!

Can you hardly stand the excitment?  Just one of the many perks we get as Coaches, getting first hand scoop on it, first crack at orders AND can pass along some of the perks and bonuses to our Customers.  

I'm always looking for like-minded fitness and health enthusiasts, so if that's you, please watch this and get back to me if it's right for you. There's something in it for everyone. 

Stay tuned, as I will let you know as pre-orders are being taken for Asylum Volume 2 and Les Mills Combat!  Those are going to be 2 great programs, to add to the Beachbody workout library. 

Your partner in health & fitness,








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