Today Show features a man who lost 180lbs using Beachbody workouts!

These are incredibly inspiring stories, that will be featured in the newest People Magazine, although featured on this morning’s the Today Show.  Amazing transformations from 3 people that lost the weight ON THEIR OWN!  No pills. No surgery. No magic.

The 2nd story features a gentleman that lost 180lbs using Beachbody’s at home fitness program.  Nothing like continuing to get free publicity on air.  WHY?  Because it works!!  Watch this and be inspired:

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Anyone following Pink on Twitter?  How about David Archuletta?  They both are finding great results with P90X.  Best part is, they aren’t getting paid to endorse it.  Same with Sheryl Crow and her announcement of P90X and how it’s changed her figure.


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