Toni H.

for TarynI did the Back 2 Basics Holiday Edition with Taryn last year. It was a great opportunity to hold myself accountable to clean eating with lots of tips and support from Taryn. The weekly check ins really helped me stay focused. Taryn is a great source of knowledge and good energy too- I’d recommend the program for anyone who wants a little motivation to make big changes in their eating and lifestyle. After 28 days, I changed some habits for the better.



Emily T.

I am an elementary teacher who is constantly swamped with twelve to fourteen hour days. Finding a balance with this schedule seemed impossible, which was my excuse for not doing what was right for me. Drink more water? When I am supposed to drink that? Seven hours of sleep? Who has time for that? All the sugar helps me alleviate stress! These were all things I would tell myself until Taryn helped me realize that I do not have to live like that.

 After five years of living this insane existence, Taryn opened my eyes to the reality of what I was doing to my body and how the food label industry perpetuated my bad habits. She encouraged me to make small changes and held me accountable. Her passion and my positive results have changed my outlook on food and what a healthy lifestyle actually looks like.

If my story at all sounds like you, don’t wait to have Taryn help you become a healthier and happier person. My only regret today is having not met Taryn sooner.


Elizabeth C.

EJ CaseWhen I participated in the Holiday Blunder Buster program, I was just hoping to not gain more weight over the holidays. I had no idea I’d lose a couple of pounds in DECEMBER, maintain that weight loss, and feel better. My biggest take away was the amount of water I drink. I thought I was doing well, but had no idea that I should be drinking half my weight in ounces, and with that little correction, I have seen great results in my weight loss goals and overall health! Thanks Taryn!


Liz W.

I joined Taryn’s Back 2 Basics program for the month of December 2014.  I was wanting to kick start my fitness/weight loss goals, and found this to be the perfect place to do so.  It was great having Taryn as a personal coach, along with a Facebook community of other participants to help me stay accountable and healthy during a particularly difficult time of year.  Taryn is an awesome coach and readily available for your questions and concerns during the program.  She gave tips and suggestions that I will remember and use for the rest of my life.  She offered a point system that allowed myself to enjoy the holidays but not overdo it.  I walked away from the program with new knowledge and a better idea of what works for me to stay healthy and lose weight.  I felt I had a head start on going into 2015 after completing her program.  I would absolutely do Taryn’s program again, if I needed support and felt as if I was not meeting my goals on my own.  


Laura H.

After working with Taryn over the winter holiday, I actually LOST weight during that time instead of gaining weight! I got great support and accountability as I adjusted my meals and pantry to the clean, nutrient rich eating approach. So far, I’ve lost just over 10 lbs and over 5 inches on my body. Also, I’m sleeping better and feeling more fit!

Catherine O.

With Taryn’s guidance, I changed my relationship with food. I knew what to do to lose weight, but couldn’t seem to do it on my own. Taryn taught me that food is fuel that should be used to nourish and strengthen our bodies, not a crutch to deal with a bad day. By changing my relationship with food, I am learning how to better express my emotions instead of eating them.

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