Home Workout: 20 Minute Circuit


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This was a fun impromptu workout I put together to do with my friends – Bekah & James McClean, at the Pier 36 CrossFit Gym (on the Coast Guard Base).

This could easily be done at home, so modifications are provided below.

1 min Stations X 5 rounds
1st Station: 
Weighted Front squat/Lunge R, Front Squat/Lunge Left (we used an empty Olympic Weight Lifting bar – 35#’s, but Dumbbell’s or Medicine Balls work as well)
2nd Station:
TRX Mountain climbers (if no TRX equipment, regular Mountain Climbers)
3rd Station: 
Row for Calories
4th Station:
60 sec rest
* Make a goal to hit the same reps/calories per round. 
Rest: 2 minutes
5 x Wind Sprints (Rest 1:1)
Video to be posted soon to show Front Squat/Lunge movement.
Be sure to come over to my Facebook Page and share how you did in the workout! How many reps per round? How did you feel after each set? How was your recovery?
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