If you are anything like me, life is crazy, workouts have to be short & sweet. I don’t have the time for these 60-90 minute workouts any longer, nor the motivation for them.

I need something quick & calorie blasting.IMG-20110815-00128

Lace up your shoes, give yourself 20 minutes and blast through this workout.

The good news, you can do it ANYWHERE! In your home, hotel or log cabin! No excuses here! All you need is some floor space and a chair (if no chair, you can use the floor still).

And once you complete this workout – visit my Facebook page and post your results! Just one more layer of accountability and support for you!


HIIT: Burpees (30 secs)

STRENGTH: Chair Dips (30 secs)

Rest :10 secs


HIIT: Jack Squats  (30 secs)

STRENGTH: Single Leg Squats  (30 secs)

Rest :10 secs


HIIT: High Knees w/ Twist (30 secs)

STRENGTH: Push ups  (30 secs)

Rest :10 secs


HIIT: Air Jacks/Jumping Jack w/ Air  (30 secs)

STRENGTH: Weighted Lunges  (30 secs)

Rest :10 secs

REPEAT from start.

Do 4 times through. 30 secs each HIIT & STRENGTH, rest :10 sec between each set. As you build strength and endurance, work up to each section being :60 secs of work, :10 secs of rest. 

Remember, come by my Facebook page and share how you did!

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